Room 7: Mr. Nate Weston

“Life is all about the journey, not the destination”. I have always held this quote dear to my heart, as I feel our adventures, our individual challenges, and especially our triumphs encourage and motivate us to become successful and well balanced people in life.

I come to Mamaku School humbled and excited about being the Year 7 & 8 teacher, and I thoroughly look forward to encouraging all the students at Mamaku to conquer any mountains that may lay in their paths. My dedication to promoting a growth mindset within my students, as well as the ability to share knowledge and experiences that I have gained around the globe, is a testament to how great the journey can be.

For the past 15 years, I have had the brilliant opportunity to teach at local and international schools around the world, including the United States, Norway, Germany...and New Zealand. The adventure of teaching in New Zealand is a dream come true.

My schooling and teaching experience embraces a wide array of learning strategies and inquiry based approaches, all of which I hope to utilize to encourage my students to take action into their learning. After completing my masters degree in Education and Leadership Strategies, my wife and I decided to sell our home and all of our possessions in San Diego, California, to then move to New Zealand with our two boys, Kai age 8 and Kaysen age 6.

At Mamaku School, I hope to bring a sense of excitement and challenge to my students that encourages them to strive for greatness and to do it with a passion and sense of togetherness. I look forward to getting to know the community and families in and around Mamaku, and embracing the Maori and Kiwi culture as our new home and whanau.

-Matua Nate

What's Happening in Room 7:

Term 1 2021

  • The students of Room 7 have been working very hard on their personal Pepehas, researching and voting for our class Whakatauki, and creating their own websites to showcase their digital learning in class. Students will be adding their video recordings of their Pepehas, as well as being able to imbed and upload their class projects throughout the year to their digital portfolios (websites). They will also be creating website pages that showcase the awesome things going on at Mamaku School, including the ground breaking of our new swimming pool, school beautification projects and the Gala. Keep up the spectacular work Room 7!