At Mamaku we promote Thinking and Learning TOGETHER and value excellence in mathematics, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  • Responsive Literacy Programme

  • Blended e-learning

  • Roots of Empathy programme

  • Te Reo & Kapa Haka

  • Technology

  • Enviro-school Projects

  • Trips, Visits, Camps, Shows

  • Swimming

  • Go 4 IT sports skills programme

  • Transition to School Class (4 1/2yr olds)

  • PMP - Perceptual Motor Programme

  • Saturday sports teams including rugby, soccer , netball & hockey

Blended Learning Activities

At Mamaku School we believe that all students learn through a range of learning experiences.
We provide every opportunity for our children in activities such as...

  • PMP

  • Talent Quests

  • School Production

  • Trips and Visits

  • Lamb and Calf Day

  • Possum Challenge

  • Sports skills programmes


At Mamaku School we provide an environment to improve student achievement.

  • Laptops, digital cameras and video cameras

  • Data Projectors

  • Large playing fields

  • Spacious classrooms

  • Adventure Playgrounds

  • Junior Play area & Sandpit

  • Junior Lobby

  • Hall

  • Library

  • Indoor Swimming Complex