Student Achievement:

  • Improve student achievement in writing.

  • Improve student achievement in reading.

  • Improve student achievement in mathematics.

  • Continue the development of the Mamaku Curriculum.

  • Support students to become agents of their learning. (Independent learners)

  • Provide a learning environment where students use ICT as a learning tool and resource across the curriculum.

  • Improve learning and raise achievement levels of all students.

  • Support learning and raise achievement of under achieving groups.

  • Inclusive for all, with success for all.

MAMAKU SCHOOL STRATEGIC GOALS 2022.docx - Google Docs.pdf

Curriculum, Support Programmes, Teacher Development:

  • Continue with Reading Recovery.

  • Continue to focus on strategies that support Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness and inclusive teaching and learning.

  • Support the teaching team to become agents of their learning, and teaching through deliberate acts of teaching.

  • Continue with ICT PD within the school.

  • Review the method of use of e-asTTle as an assessment tool in maths, reading and writing.

  • Duffy Books in Homes.

  • Continue developing an Inquiry approach to teacher appraisal for learning.

  • Improve the format for reporting accurately and clearly for parents and students.

  • Use e-learning to invite and sustain parents’ interest in student learning.